For the past year, I have really been cheating with dairy in my diet. Come on people, I’m Italian, so it’s really difficult to not add parmesan to my pastas or brie to my salami and crackers. And lately, I’ve been noticing that my new medications are not mixing well with the cheese and ice-cream.

So I’ve decided to go dairy free from now on.

I was doing some research and it says that rheumatoid arthritis symptoms may flare as a response to specific proteins found in dairy products. Dr. Michet’s research says that “Some people with rheumatoid arthritis who report intolerance to milk have antibodies to milk proteins. The body forms these antibodies to protect itself from what it mistakenly perceives as a harmful substance, but the antibodies attack other parts of the body in addition to the milk.” Dairy products are also known to create a sort of brain fog for people who have an intolerance. My symptoms also include the pains in my gut.

The good news is that I found a new cook book “Against All Grain” that I’m thrilled to start using for my new dietary restrictions. The author’s name is Danielle Walker and she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at the age of 22. Now as a mother, she wants to eat more paleo, meaning she cooks gluten-free, dairy-free and legume-free.

Here are the main culprits I have to replace in my diet:

  • Milk = substitute with almond milk (or try to make your own almond milk!)
  • Cheese = on those days you just need cheese, try a little goats cheese instead of cheddar (I’m going to have to eat my gluten free pizza once in awhile though!)
  • Yogurt = greek yogurt is a new trend, but instead of eating egg salad or chicken salad for lunches made with greek yogurt, try hummus and veggies instead!
  • Ice cream = this is going to be the most difficult, but I can try making homemade cookies or sweets instead

Wish me luck!