It has been awhile again, mostly because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! But also because I am still trying to figure out the right prescription for my symptoms.

Back to the house…it’s a dream come true! We just love our neighborhood, we’ve already made friends with some neighbors, and we are excited for all the potential it has for remodeling. The past month has been packed with moving, unpacking, painting and doing heavy maintenance on the house. My body has been exhausted and sore in ways that I’ve never experienced, but it’s worth it.
















The other battle I’ve been fighting at the same time as all of this change is my medication. I decided that Orencia was not going to work for me. It never “kicked in” like I was hoping for, and after 7 months, I should have noticed some improvement in my pain levels.

All I can say is don’t give up. There are so many biologic medications to choose from, that one of them is bound to work. So my next attempt is Remicade, which is related to the Enbrel and Cimzia family. The good ting about Remicade is that it has the flexibility in frequency of infusions and dosage amount. So my doctor is able to change my injection dates if necessary, or my dosage if necessary, until they find the right balance for me.

Only bad thing about Remicade is that it can cause allergic reactions much easier and your body can reject it at any point. So I take Claritin or Benedryl with the infusion each month and just make sure my antibodies don’t grow against it. Otherwise, we will see how it goes! I can already tell that the infusion is helping faster than Orencia ever did. Fingers crossed!

I’d love to hear about your experiences with Remicade. Find me on Facebook and comment!