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Some of us with an auto-immune disease have to follow very specific diets because our immune system has weakened our digestive system. But living a gluten-free and wheat-free lifestyle hasn’t been all that bad the past 6 years.

According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, gluten-free diets are common with most auto-immune diseases, thyroid diseases and even autism. “The gluten-free diet is the fastest-growing nutritional movement in America,” and in the past few years, it has become a huge trend. This makes it a lot easier to find foods and baking flours that are gluten-free on the shelf of most grocery stores.

The newer Paleo diet has also shown many improvements for those with autoimmune diseases. “Adhering to man’s natural diet has the potential to restore many necessary functions of the body and, by report, halt autoimmune disease symptoms in many.”

Lately, I have taken on the hobby of finding various paleo and gluten-free recipes (mostly on Pinterest) and trying them out. Because of my restricted diet, I usually cook for myself at home and it could be easy just making simple salads all the time. Instead, I have made cooking one of my favorite hobbies of the day! My boyfriend usually can’t even tell the difference.

Check out some of my favorite recipes: “Scrumptious Foods” Pinterest Board Enjoy!