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It can be so frustrating when you feel pain, but all the tests keep showing up “normal.” What the heck does normal mean, anyway?


I’ve been having abdominal pain since January, and I just thought it was stress…then I thought it was gas…then I realized it had been a month and having pain that long means it’s time for a doctor. A lot of people who have chronic pain tend to brush off new chronic pain until it just becomes unbearable.

And not only is the pain frustrating, but the process trying to figure it out can be as well. Doctors can only guess at what is causing you pain, so they send you off to radiologists and labs to take blood samples, ultrasounds and scans. The good news in my case is that these tests ruled out major issues, like ovarian cysts, kidney infections or gallstones. But after all of these tests (and all the money spent), I still don’t know what is causing this pain.

After ruling out all of my main organs, the only thing we can think of is my intestinal tract. So the next step will be to pinpoint what might be happening in relation to food or digestion.

All I have left to say (after venting in this post) is that I understand how frustrating the search can be. I went through it once when we were diagnosing the rheumatoid arthritis, but it’s an ongoing battle. And I’d love to hear from my readers about their journey as well.