Today I had my first appointment with the Whitaker Wellness Institute in Newport, California to discuss heavy metal chelation therapy.

I’m sure you are all asking what the heck is that?! Well, heavy metals, especially mercury, are in all types of food we eat (like tuna, which I ate religiously as a kid) and even in dental work (like those silver fillings we all had growing up). And our bodies accumulate the heavy metals and sometimes don’t flush them out in time before they creep into muscles, bones and even your brain.

Acute metal poisoning is very rare. It’s really a chronic, low-level exposure to toxic metals that causes your body to retain them. Heavy metal toxicity is associated with many adverse health effects and chronic disease, like auto-immune diseases. Heavy metals were on my list to get rid of eventually, so I decided now is the time. Plus, I get to be in Orange County with some of my family for a couple weeks.

According to researchers and my doctor at Whitaker today, heavy metals test results can be interpreted differently. For instance, a low level of a heavy metal in the blood does not necessarily mean that excessive or chronic exposure has not occurred. Lead migrates from the blood into the body’s organs and over time is incorporated into the bones, which can be hard to test. Mercury, the scariest culprit, is not tested as accurately with DMSA, used as a provoking agent in most heavy metals tests. In other words, I brought a series of 5 heavy metal test results to the institute today, but still had to go through another one for the mercury.

Four hours later, I walked out of the Whitaker Wellness Institute today with more knowledge about heavy metals chelation therapy and a semi-permanent hep-lock IV taped to my arm for the next week (don’t ask, it’s pretty gross if I explain it). But hopefully the next couple of weeks, after a handful of chelation treatments and “Wellness IVs” (a.k.a. IVs of vitamins and minerals to help flush out toxins), I will be a new woman. Okay, at least I’ll be new on the inside.