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Little did I know how painful of a mistake it would be to put my medication in my checked-in luggage. I guess I’m learning the hard way how to do all this traveling.

When I said I wanted adventures, I didn’t know how much responsibility came with traveling with medication. As usual, I packed my bags for my recent trip to Seattle, with extra gluten-free snacks and all my medications thoroughly stocked, just in case. I even packed my Cimzia specialty medication on a ton of ice for the long flight, since that particular medication has to be refrigerated. But I had no idea that the airlines would lose my bags that day!

After hours of waiting and slightly panicking, I finally heard from them. They found my luggage, but they didn’t want to deliver it to Silverdale, WA (a ferry ride away from Seattle’s airport)! I urged them (mostly with threats and yelling) that a very expensive medication was going to spoil because of their negligence, so the airline finally agreed to deliver it within the same evening. However, by the time I received my luggage, the ice had melted and the Cimzia was warm, which meant that my very expensive specialty medication had spoiled.

All I could do was pray that maybe it didn’t reach a warm enough temperature and would still work. But I tried taking one syringe that week, and a few days later I was in terrible pain from a flare-up. No luck, I was going to have to live without the meds…for the entire month!

Note to self (and to anyone listening): pack all medications in your carry-on from now on. TSA even has special rules for those carrying medications with liquids or syringes.

Well fingers crossed that the drug manufacturer will be able to approve my Cimzia replacement request that I submitted this morning. I thought I could rough it for the month, since I’ve been doing so well on the health front lately, but I am currently two weeks in without medication and I can barely stand it. It’s time to take desperate measures — acupuncture, long baths and lots of wine…