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Last weekend was a triumph for me. I hiked 7.8 miles up The Mist Trail in Yosemite National Park, climbing 2000 feet in elevation in 85-degree weather…and I made it to the top of the mountain! It was quite the adventure!

It was such a beautiful view, with two waterfalls and raging rivers along the way. But it was also intense — myself and 4 other girlfriends were basically doing stair-steppers the entire way up the mountain, which was nearly 4 miles. We were cheering each other on along the way to help with the stinging feeling in our butts!

But once we made it to the top of Nevada Falls, we took off our shoes, rinsed off in the freezing cold water from the falls, and ate our snacks. It felt so good to look down and see what we had accomplished…until the hike back down! At least we took the slightly less steep John Muir Trail, behind the waterfalls. It was in the shade and had great views from afar of the park.

The best part was that feeling the next day of complete exhaustion mixed with smiles of victory. And my body didn’t even have an RA flair, which was amazing! My inflammation in my legs and knees was minimal comparatively, and all that was sore the next day were my glut muscles 🙂 We stayed in Mammoth Lakes at the beautiful Westin Resort and spent the morning being lazy next to the pool, which was surrounded by the beautiful forest.

It was definitely a gorgeous weekend to escape to Yosemite.

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