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A couple of months ago, I was eating my favorite Mexican dish (fajitas of course) and I realized too late that there was corn in the Mexican rice. But to my surprise, I didn’t have my usual food allergy reaction — which consists of a migraine nearly 15 minutes after eating the food, a scratchy/closed-up throat for 24 hours, and swelling all over my body to make me look like a big puff ball. Yes, I have an awesome immune system.

It all started back in 2006, when I was in the hospital for severe reactions to food. After numerous tests and elimination diets to determine what foods I was allergic to, I was left with a very small list of what I actually could eat. The culprits turned out to be wheat/barley/rye, corn and any fruits and vegetables with high fructose content. My gut was severely damaged, so I lacked the enzymes to break down these foods, and my overactive (auto) immune system was attacking the food like it was a pathogen. Over time, this caused leaky gut syndrome, and further fructose malabsorption and food allergies. I eliminated these culprit foods from my diet completely for several years (let me tell you, my meals were pretty bland and lacked color for awhile). Although it was difficult, I felt so much better without them.

Until one day, about 2 years ago, I accidentally ate tomatoes and onions (both very high in fructose) in my salad on Cinco de Mayo (who can say no to homemade pico de gallo?) and nothing happened! Four years later, it was like I had never been allergic to fructose. It was a miracle. Well, technically, with time and a slew of probiotics, vitamins and gut repairing formulas to break down biofilm, etc. And with all of that hard work, I finally started adding back all of the fruits and vegetables that I had missed for over 4 years. Except for corn.

My body has hated corn the most since all of these food allergies surfaced. It is the one food that gave me the most reaction and the one that was the hardest to avoid (everything has corn starch or high fructose corn syrup nowadays). But back in January, when I accidentally ate the rice with corn kernels in it, I have slowly been introducing corn, corn starch, corn syrup and corn chips back into my diet. Again, a food allergy miracle right there. I haven’t had a reaction yet!

All I can say is that my doctor is doing something right with all of the treatments he has made me try over the past 2 years for my immune system. I am thrilled! Now if only I can get rid of the wheat allergy…I would probably get fat. Very fat. Eating all of the breads and cakes and pies that I want…but on a serious note, I am so thankful to be able to eat all of these delicious foods again. I can even start trying the gluten-free options now that corn isn’t an issue! And even better, I have started a Pinterest board with a ton of new recipes to try…finally.